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The Black Lips… made a concept album. Trust me it’s not what you think.

The undisputed kings of the underground Punk scene are back and weirder than ever. I’ve been a fan of The Black Lips since I was 13, that may contribute in large as to why I might not be all there.  They were loud, crude, snotty, did not apologize for their behaviour and best of all they had a sense of humor.  Imagine if the characters from Blazing Saddles were in a punk band and that’s basically what you get from these folks. I’m not even hyperbolising  here, we’re talking about the guys who have been banned from India because lead singer Cole Alexander mooned the audience, as well as the infamous hijacking of Gene Simmons’ Huffington Post live interview, where they jokingly suggested that he “surrender the Kiss Army”. Yeah that happened. Throughout the years  the band have grappled with various styles  from 60’s soul  to 80’s hardcore punk, but…