Bergamot’s Tones Review

By first impressions of Bergamot’s album, Tones, it was extremely pleasing. But as it went on, there were many flaws that arose. Their songs were infectious at times, but it was apparent that catchy was their primary goal. Songs like “Next to You”, “Alive”, and “Fade Away” were sung by (…)


Fetty Wap’s Album Review

“Isn’t this the guy who reviewed the last Coheed record like a week ago?” you might be asking yourselves. “Where does he get off reviewing Fetty Wap?” You’ll come to learn that I’m something of a rule breaker. This record is both LIT and SMOOTH AND SILKY. The thing is (…)


Foxing’s Dealer Review

For those used to Foxing, their sophomore release should come as no surprise. This isn’t to say that it isn’t any different than The Albatross. In fact, in many ways, Dealer comes with an entirely different sound from the five-piece outfit from St. Louis. They seem to have traded in (…)

Golden Age

Electric Sons’ Golden Age EP

The Electric Sons EP, Golden Age, starts off with the lovely song “Into the Night.” While it’s not necessarily fantastic, it’s worth listening to.  It’s followed by “Tell Me What To Say” which sounds like the type of song you would hear on the radio.  While being heavily focused on (…)


Coheed and Cambria’s The Color Before the Sun Review

This band is very dear to my heart, so unfortunately you’re stuck reading a review of their newest album. I know, not everyone likes this band—in fact many don’t at all—but they’re the greatest band ever and you’re going to DEAL WITH IT. Now that I’ve broken every rule of (…)