The Best (and Worst) of Costume History

Over the past 25 years costumes have come and gone with the trends. Whether you’re looking for a throwback costume or are simply curious as to what Halloween was like in the early 90s, we’ve got you covered with a list of the most popular costumes by year since 1990. (…)


Girl on the Train Will Stop You in Your Tracks

When the teaser for Game of Thrones’ first season aired, I devoured the entire six book series within two months. When I heard the smoking Tom Hardy was going to star in Child 44, I bought the thriller on Kindle to read that very night. Paula Hawkins though, will need (…)


The Classic, Cutesy Films of Halloween

What is better than Octobear? Watching Halloween movies during Octobear! Some people are horror fanatics and some, not so much. The latter spend their time with what should be considered “Halloween classics.” For them, this is a reminder of the movies they love to watch and for the rest of (…)


Blair Witch: A Movie Review

It’s not that often that we can point to a modern film as having invented an entire genre. 1999’s The Blair Witch Project is one such movie. It followed three Maryland film students who go to the Black Hills forest to make a documentary about the titular “Blair Witch.” Supposedly, (…)


How to Be that Cool Mom On The Block

Are you the mom that doesn’t quite fit in? Does trying to keep up with the Jones’ bore you to tears? Stupid Jones’, no one cares about your gossip. Do all the kids want to hang out at your house, but you’re not quite sure why? Chances are you’re the (…)