Bojack: A Picture of Sadness

For the first year and half of its existence, Bojack Horseman lingered around my Netflix like that homeless person you pass on the way home from work every day.  It remained ignored for a long time because of Bojack’s generally ignorable appearance. With a pot belly, drink in hand, and (…)


BrainDead: A Television Anomaly

This summer Robert and Michelle King (creators of The Good Wife) helm a new CBS political thriller comedy about senatorial politics, government conspiracies, and zombie bugs: BrainDead. While unlikely, it is a tremendous accomplishment and, for its writers, cast, and for contemporary TV in general, BrainDead is truly an anomaly; (…)


The Blue Hour Movie Review

Often times I have nearly died, typically from surges of hubris overcoming me -like when I tried paleo and God promptly smacked me in the back of the head, having me in a barely functioning haze for a few days. It is during times likes these that I tweet the (…)


Finding Dory Movie Review

Everyone loves a good origin story, and after 12 years of waiting, we’ve finally got one! Finding Dory explains how Dory ended up lost in the ocean when she meets Marvin,  or more accurately, the movie explains how Dory has been lost her entire life. In order for us to (…)


Ghostbusters Movie Review

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, Who You Gunna Call? And we all know how the rest goes.   The Ghostbusters reboot has recently come out, and with that comes what this writer calls Hatemageddon. The film had a rough time for itself since it was announced in 2014; (…)