What is SCAD Radio?

What is SCAD Radio?

SCAD Radio is the official college radio station of the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. Want to know more about us? Watch our video.

Culture Vulture

Culture Vulture | The Control Room

Culture Vulture is a three-piece band made up of Matt Pelton (drums), Nick Gilbert (trombone), and James Weber (guitar). Check out this performance of “Pedaling Into The Wind” and “Grizzlebonce” featuring custom projection art by Simon Ross of Planetary Projections. Their new album, Culture Vulture, is out now! More about (…)


Stopover Day 3

The last day of Stopover for me started at the Congress Street Social Club for the last all ages set of the day. Amythyst Kiah and her Chest of Glass were playing and they killed it. The singer, who I found out was Amythyst Kiah, had fantastic vocal range and (…)


Stopover Day 2

I kicked off day 2 of Savannah Stopover at the Jinx where I got to see a fantastic set by Beach Day. They have played in Savannah before and are always great, they even dedicated a song to local band Triathlon and they closed out their set with a cover (…)


Interview with Cobalt Cranes

  It’s that time of year again when bands from all over the country come by Savannah on their way to SXSW. Stopover’s 5th year has a pretty diverse lineup featuring some southern favorites as well as a lot of bands that I think we’ll be seeing on much bigger (…)