State Champs’ Around the World and Back Review

The New York natives, State Champs, released their second full length record Around the World and Back on October 16, 2015 on Pure Noise Records. The first track on the record, “Eyes Closed”, starts out strong and heavy, engaging its listeners. “Losing Myself” is the third track on the record; (…)

Staffer For a Fortnight!!

Hey there Radio Land! It has been a crazy couple of weeks, last fortnight we had Mara Healy as our Staffer For a Fortnight. Her fortnights now over and we have another Staffer For a Fortnight. DRUMROLL PLEASE!!   Ellen Gillespie!! Ellen is such a bright personality here at the (…)


Seinabo Sey’s Pretend Review

If you’ve ever wondered where you could find good female-fight music, your search is over: Seinabo Sey’s album, Pretend, gives a wonderful fusion of jazzy, soulful vocals, electronic elements, and orchestral epicness. Her use of heavy drumbeats gives me the urge to go to a gym and attack a punching (…)


Hello radioland! This friday Jessica the Robot , our automatic Dj system is getting some sweet new tunes added to her collection. She needs your help getting the music ready for her to jam it out on the airwaves, so this friday from 2-4pm please come to the station to (…)