Whine and Dine: Cotton & Rye, Me oh My!

After three months having application after application go unanswered or rejected, I was feeling pretty down— something my usual confident self was not accustomed to feeling. Every day I painstakingly wrote personalized cover letters for at least five job openings and every day I received an email saying that somehow (…)


Loving: Film Festival Review

Loving begins quietly.  Mildred and Richard sit on a front porch of a Virginian home.  She tells him she’s pregnant, he says that’s wonderful.  Against the backdrop of a deeply divided United States, Loving continues this way: quietly and sweetly.  Following the true story of the Loving’s and their court (…)


Bear Care Tips: Tips for Staying Paw-sitive During Finals

With finals, the presidential election, and the possible extinction of bees coming up, it’s easy to get stressed and fall into a pit of despair. But fear not, here are some bear care tips to keep yourself feeling a-ok. Hibernate Sleep is important! Basically everyone has 3,000,001 projects to finish (…)