Animal Collective’s Painting Within Album Review

Animal Collective is a love or hate type of band. They’re most certainly out there, and their most recently released, Painting With, pushes the boundaries of what music truly is. Highly rhythmic and harmonious, this album most certainly takes people on a musical journey. “Hocus Pocus” gives an upbeat, wildly (…)

three beards

Interview with Hank Barbe of Three Beards

We were given an amazing opportunity to talk with vocalist-guitarist, Hank Barbe from Three Beards. Three Beards is a rock band currently located in both San Antonio, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. Three Beards recently released their new album Lessons Learned which focuses around the struggles of PTSD and overcoming suicidal (…)


Death By Unga Bungas’ Pineapple Pizza Album Review

      The first song of the album Pineapple Pizza is “Dollar Slice.” It serves as an instrumental intro to set the theme of this album. “I Can’t Believe That We’re Together” follows shortly after with a tune fit for the mainstream. Not only is it catchy beyond belief, (…)

the donkeys midnight palms

The Donkeys’ Midnight Palms Album Review

“Hurt Somebody” is the bright and lively start of Midnight Palms. The lyrics and title may contradict its sound, but that’s all a part of the charm. Who doesn’t want to sing about hurting people and not giving a hooey about anything while simultaneously sounding like a bundle of sunshine? (…)

ROCOCODE 2015 by Lynol Lui

Interview with Andrew from Rococode

We recently interviewed the co-singer of Rococode, Andrew Braun. Rococode is an indie-pop band originating from Vancouver, Canada and just recently came out with their new album Don’t Worry, It’ll Be Dark Soon which was recorded in a cabin in the forests of British Colombia. Their synthy, experimental, bright sounds (…)