The tradition of turning plays into films is a long and storied one, from 12 Angry Men to Amadeus. Many utilize restrained settings and claustrophobic environments to mimic the experience of watching a play, while others blow the setting wide open, making it near impossible to imagine them as anything other than a film. Barry […]

The people who know me are well aware of how big a Star Wars fan I am. To those of you who don’t, I’ll tell you where I stand: I love the originals (despite their issues) and I had a fantastic time with The Force Awakens. I also hate the prequels and I’m somewhere in […]

It’s commonly known that the best works of science fiction not only manage to tell a compelling story, but also offer sly commentary on the human condition and our place in the universe. There are many examples of this on film – 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Planet of the Apes, Children of Men […]

The most daunting challenge that writer/director Ben Younger faced when adapting the story of champion boxer Vinny Pazienza (now Vinny Paz) for the screen was making its events even more believable. After suffering a crippling injury in a 1991 car accident that nearly claimed his life, Paz was forced to wear a halo, a device […]

Today is Veterans Day. Today is the day we honor the people who have fought for our rights and our freedoms. But because of recent events, some people feel trapped and defeated. Even if things turned our differently, some people would still feel the same. Times are hard right now. Despite this we have to […]

I, like many, watch movies primarily as an escape. They afford me a chance to disconnect from reality and give myself over to a story told by people far more talented than myself. The bad and mediocre movies yank me back into reality. They lose their grasp on me, and remind me that I am […]

It’s not that often that we can point to a modern film as having invented an entire genre. 1999’s The Blair Witch Project is one such movie. It followed three Maryland film students who go to the Black Hills forest to make a documentary about the titular “Blair Witch.” Supposedly, the entire movie was compiled […]