The tradition of turning plays into films is a long and storied one, from 12 Angry Men to Amadeus. Many utilize restrained settings and claustrophobic environments to mimic the experience of watching a play, while others blow the setting wide open, making it near impossible to imagine them as anything other than a film. Barry […]

Loving begins quietly. Mildred and Richard sit on a front porch of a Virginian home. She tells him she’s pregnant, he says that’s wonderful. Against the backdrop of a deeply divided United States, Loving continues this way: quietly and sweetly. Following the true story of the Loving’s and their court case that led to the […]

There’s nothing like tradition around the holiday season. While those modern holiday movies seem great with their famous actors and special effects, there’s nothing like watching the classic, stop motion and animation movies that we saw as children. SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN There can’t be Christmas without the origin story of the Father […]

The people who know me are well aware of how big a Star Wars fan I am. To those of you who don’t, I’ll tell you where I stand: I love the originals (despite their issues) and I had a fantastic time with The Force Awakens. I also hate the prequels and I’m somewhere in […]

With every holiday season comes the inevitable release of a new Christmas comedy, last year’s being The Night Before. This year’s movie, Office Christmas Party, shows a family business run by sibling rivals after the founding father dies. The movie is successfully funny and the cast is star-studded, but the sheer amount of clichés made […]

In 1990, John Hughes and Chris Columbus blessed this Earth with Home Alone, starring Macaulay Culkin as Kevin, the eight-year-old troublemaker who ends up saving his home from burglars with the craziest and most elaborate of plans. The movie begins with Kevin causing problems within his family, and wishing that they were all gone from […]