Listen all you Thanksgiving haters out there, I’ve got some notes for you. You cannot just skip a holiday like it doesn’t exist because number one, sorry it does and number two, without Thanksgiving, the Christmas season would never even begin. Some of you think it starts on November 1st but that’s like the department stores putting up Halloween decorations in August.

You have overstepped your bounds.

Thanksgiving has the Macy’s Parade. Thanksgiving has Miracle on 34th Street. Thanksgiving has more food than necessary specifically in the pie department. And if you do not like pie, then you are just missing out on one of the greatest parts of life. This Thanksgiving has Moana. Everyone loves Disney. Everyone wants Moana. So, if you want to just bypass Thanksgiving, think about what else you would be missing.

I love Christmas just as much as anyone else but Thanksgiving hallows in that wonderful season. It’s the beginning of the jolly cheer. Stop cramping the style of all the Thanksgiving lovers by shoving Christmas down our throats just one day too early. You get over a month for Christmas, we get one day for Thanksgiving…let us have our time.


Written by Kenzie Tartaglione

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