With finals, the presidential election, and the possible extinction of bees coming up, it’s easy to get stressed and fall into a pit of despair. But fear not, here are some bear care tips to keep yourself feeling a-ok.

* Hibernate

Sleep is important! Basically everyone has 3,000,001 projects to finish for finals while also trying to keep up with real life and it seems like there’s not enough time in the day. While it may seem like a great idea to pull three all-nighters in a row to finish that film or painting or whatever it is, trust me. Sleeping for at least a little while will work in your favor. If your project is due tomorrow and there’s really no time to sleep, try to make it up with a nap the next day or try to get to sleep earlier the next night.

2 Stock up for winter

Make sure you’re eating! I know that taking time out to make or get food seems like a waste, but taking a couple minutes to eat something will give your brain the energy it needs to keep going. You can even eat while you work so you’re not losing any time. While it’s tempting to eat pizza three times a day, try to eat some fruits and vegetables every now and then.

3 Get cozy

I’m a firm believer in the relaxing properties of a hot drink. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, whatever it is, can be so soothing. You can drink it while you work and use each sip as a mini break. This also gives the option of having some caffeine to keep you going for a few more hours or getting something decaffeinated so you can sleep for awhile. Either way, taking a couple minutes to make yourself something warm is worth it.

4 Have some honey

So you finished that project you’ve been working on for two weeks straight. But now you have to work on that paper you’ve barely started. Before you go right back into the work hole, give yourself a reward. It will give you a couple moments to recuperate and remind yourself that you are awesome. Take a nap, eat some chocolate, or get coffee with a friend for an hour. Treat yo’ self!

Remember this will all be over in just a couple weeks. Before you know it you’ll be ready to come back. Take care of yourself and have fun creating!