Maybe my love for the movie A Christmas Story comes from the fact that I grew up near Cleveland, Ohio where the film took place. Maybe it’s because it is my father’s favorite movie and he instilled that love in me. Maybe it’s because we visited the house in the movie when I was younger. Or, maybe it’s the hot chocolate and cookie-filled Christmas Eves with family watching the movie together. Despite all the personal attachments to the A Christmas Story, it will always be the best holiday movie.

Statistically showing, it is one of the most marathoned movies of the holiday movies. But more importantly, is the feeling you are left with when the end credits roll. This movie shows the Christmas season through the eyes of a child: Ralphie, the boy the story follows, knows what he wants and has all the gumption of a young kid to not give up on his dream of an “official Red Ryder, carbon action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle.” It’s his dream present and everyone remembers that one gift they asked for each and every day until the day they received it.

Without spoiling anything for people who have not had the wonderful experience of seeing this movie, it has so many iconic moments. How terrifying it is for kids to actual meet a mall Santa. “Ohhhhh fuuuuuuddddggggeee.” The leg lamp debacle of 1940. A TRIPLE. DOG. DARE. Ralphie and the adorable pink, bunny onesie. Male carolers at the Chinese restaurant who sing “Deck the Halls” wrong. The restaurant presenting dinner with the head still on.

It’s a seasonal classic without a sugar coating that shows you that it’s not a breeze to be a kid at Christmas; there’s a lot of hard work. It doesn’t get wrapped up neatly with a bow like a lot of other holiday movies , but forces you to see the positive side of any situation.

The appeal for A Christmas Story comes from the nostalgia, the humor, and timeless childhood memories that is brings about. It is an important reminder for every holiday that when things don’t go exactly to plan, you may just end up with some of the greatest memories of your life.

Written by Kenzie Tartaglione

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