SCAD Radio got a chance to talk with Adam Jenkins and Michael Britt of Between Symmetries, the opening band at 2017’s A.U.R.A. Fest in Savannah, Georgia. The local band’s combination of emo and post-hardcore sound proved to be a really fun intro to what was a stellar night of live music.


The band came into the scene back in March of last year with their demo ‘Atlas’, releasing an EP titled ‘Movetur’ in October of the same year. This latest show comes fresh off their latest release ‘Silhouettes’, a sonic tribute to Savannah music venues, both past and present.


Be forewarned, however, these two had a really great sense of humor and it shows through pretty clearly here.

Kush at SCAD Radio: How would you describe your music to other people?

Adam Jenkins of Between Symmetries: I would say we’re indie alternative.

Michael Britt of Between Symmetries: Yeah, for sure, but with an emo twinge. We hate ourselves, but it’s not that whiny. It’s more ironic. We know we hate ourselves and we love it. [laugh]


Kush: What song would you say serves as a good entry point into your music?

Michael: I like “Morningwood” but that’s just me. Our single off of [Silhouettes] was “The Furnace” and there’s a music video for that, so that might help. Otherwise, it’s just kinda…like, on Bandcamp. [laughs]

Adam: I think I like “The Jinx” the most.

Michael: Oh yeah, “The Jinx” is top for sure. The whole album is good, honestly….No it’s not, it’s trash. [laugh]

Adam: Yeah, it’s not really that good. [laugh]

Michael: No, I’m joking, I would say look up “The Furnace”. Ben Bush shot it while on tour and it was a lot of fun.


K: So how would you say the Savannah music scene differs from the rest of the country?

A: I would say, honestly it’s the feeling of family. Everywhere you go, It just feels like you know everybody. Like, nobody makes you feel like a stranger. Sometimes you go to shows in, like, New York or something and people won’t say anything to you, but you go to a show here and someone will talk to you for sure.

M: It’s small enough, like, you could count all the venues on two hands. But it’s still big enough that you don’t feel like you’re just playing for 5 of your friends every night. But I love it, it’s a good middle ground.


Ashton at SCAD Radio: Would you say that some of these ideas work their way into “Silhouettes”?

A: Oh, for sure. It was an idea that came up at a time where it really needed to be executed because we wanted to try to bring attention to what we have, both with venues that are still around and some that aren’t. That’s why, honestly, if you listen to the record, it almost sounds like one single song because it just shows the connection between these places.

M: Each venue has, like a vibe, like the type of music they bring in obviously. Like “The Jinx” is heavier, so that’s the heaviest song. Oh, and Bomb Shelter! Shouts out to KYLE, like, we tried to do our best KYLE impression. Like, KYLE is the best. Easily the greatest band to ever come out of Savannah. I know Baroness came out of Savannah, and I do love them….but KYLE though.


K: I know the band hasn’t been around for a huge amount of time, but how long would you say the band has evolved over time?

A: We’ve grown a lot. We turned ourselves from s–t to s–t with, like sprinkles. [laughs]

M: Yeah, we’ve gotten at least a little bit better. [laughs]

A: Nah, but we’re a lot more true to ourselves now. I think before we would try to make stuff that we’ve, like, heard before. But now, I think this is the most honest type of music we’re playing and we’re having a lot of fun doing it. I mean, we’ve only been together for something like 19-20 months.


K: Do you guys have hobbies outside of music that you would say contribute to you musically?

A: Strangely enough, my main hobby is probably surfing the dark parts of the internet.

M: Well, I’d like to think that’s everyone!

A: And YouTube too, I Youtube religiously. Other than that? I like to come across weird bands that, like, no one knows and I really vibe with. I try to incorporate a lot of that into my own songwriting, I think. That’s how I found Cloakroom, and their, like, my favorite band now.

M: Oh yeah! Cloakroom is great!


K: Just to close things out. Who are you excited to see today?

A and M together: Microwave! Yeah!

A: Their new album is so good. “Lighterless” is an incredible song. Honestly, the whole album is just mind-blowingly good. All of their music is just so relatable, and it’s just so good. I envy them. Their one of my influences for sure.

M: Tides of Man is super sick too. They’re, like, super focused on jam stuff and kinda mathy. I really dig their sound.


K: Well, that’s about it from me. Thanks so much guys!

M: No, thank you man! It was really great.

A: Seriously, thank you guys so much!

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