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The following is from a journal discovered in an abandoned home, 3 years after a zombie hoard took over Savannah.  The author remains unknown.


We woke up in the middle of the night to Garret the Bot.  He stood at door, barking and growling at the dark.  I tried to call him back, but he ignored me.  He scratched at the door once, then incessantly.  He sensed something was wrong.

I picked him up and we cautiously stepped out from the attic and down the stairs…

From the window, we could see a hoard of zombies clawing at the gate, pushing it.  It leaned with them.  It was close to breaking.

In a frenzy, we gathered what we could.  I picked up Garret and we all grabbed a pack of supplies.

The gate fell with a loud crash and they flooded the parking lot, taking the SCAD Radio sign with them.  Banging at the window of the station, one of them managed to crack it.  It spread across the large window pane.  We barely had time to bring what we needed before the glass shattered.  They scrambled into the station.   We slipped out the back before any of them could get to us from the inside.

They were all over the parking lot.  We moved into the dorms to hide from them.  A few had made it into the rooms from the windows.  I could hear them banging on the other side of the locked doors.  We snuck out from the back.

They hadn’t wandered to this part of the parking lot yet.  We threw our bags over the fence.  Leon was the first to climb.  When he made it to the other side, I slipped Garret through the bars to him.  Then the rest climbed over the fence.  I was the last. 

Savannah always took on a different personality at night.  But now, with the streetlights out, it was unfamiliar.  Jacob switched on his flashlight, and we started walking.  We didn’t know where to go.  Gabrielle mentioned the building we saw earlier on Bull.  It was our best shot. 

I don’t know how long we walked.  It took longer than it would’ve before all of this happened.  Down Broughton, most zombies were inside the buildings.  The few outside lunged at us, but we were able to stop them. 

It was difficult in the dark.  Garret squirmed in Leon’s arm, trying to get out.  But we couldn’t lose him again.  Not in the dark. 

We finally found the building.  A generator hummed in the background.  We saw a single light was on from the window.  Someone was definitely home.

Leon yelled hello.  We all joined him.  But there was no answer.  We saw a figure in the window, but it moved away.

Garret wiggled out of Leon’s arm.  He jumped to the ground, trotted behind us.  He started to growl and bark.  In the distance I saw movement.  I took Jacob’s flashlight and saw a hoard moving in our direction.  We banged on the fence, shook it, yelling.  The hoard was getting closer. Too close.

Then the front door swung open.  We could hear an argument coming from the building.  One person didn’t want to let us in, but the one at the door did.

That’s when we realized the one who wanted to help was Kyle, our former GM.  He ignored the other man and ran to the gate, quickly letting us in before the hoard got to us.  We helped him push the gate shut and held it there while he locked it against the zombies fighting to get inside.

He told the man at the door that he knows us.  He’ll vouch for us.  The man just grumbled and walked away.  His name’s Frank.  Kyle said that he’s like that with everyone.

Frank was the one who started this place.  He called it The Bunker.  The people there were mostly tourists.  The one Savannah local was a man named Greg.  Kyle told us that he was the best cook in The Bunker. 

Kyle took us to the room serving as a den.  He said it’s nice here.  Everyone does their part and there’s no issues.  That’s where we saw our Events Coordinator, Kush.  They asked us where Alicia was.  We didn’t know how to tell them.  It was easier saying that Liam and Michael left. 

Garret the Bot was a big hit.  Frank loves dogs, apparently.  Kyle showed us a spare room.  We set our things down and settled in for the night.  We were told that they all get up at 6 to start their work for the day.  We don’t care though.  I’m just glad we have a place to sleep.


I was talking to Greg today.  He said that he was big on radio back in the day.  He even had a set up in his shed back home.  He had to leave it all behind when a hoard took over.  That’s when he wound up here.  I called Ashton over and we told him how we wanted to set a broadcast up.  Get SCAD Radio going again.

He said that he’s been wanting to go back to his house and reclaim it.  It had been in his family for years.  He never really wanted to leave it behind.  If things go well and we gather enough supplies, hopefully we can set out soon. 

This is the first good news I’ve gotten in a long time.