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The following is from a journal discovered in an abandoned home, 3 years after a zombie hoard took over Savannah.  The author remains unknown.



Jacob started filming again which is a weird comfort.  I don’t know.  When he wasn’t, it felt as if something was wrong.  Of course something is, but… it’s nice to have it back.  The chores around The Bunker is mostly cleaning, tidying and gathering supplies.  Every morning, a group sets out for supplies.  They don’t come back until late afternoon, sometimes with a wagon full of food, other times with just a bag.

The building used to be an office building.  It’s a historical, just like everything else in Savannah, and has a basement filled with old junk.  Most of it is useless, but there have been some good finds.  Old boardgames come in handy when no one could sleep.  It’s a good distraction.  We’ve found quilts and antique kitchen utensils.  Lamps.  If we were having a garage sale, we’d make a killing.

I was outside, taking Garret to the bathroom when I heard commotion from the front.  I picked Garret up and went to check it out.

I still can’t believe it.  I saw Kyle let Alicia in through the gate.  Of course, Jacob was there to catch it all on camera.

We brought her inside, and in the den, most of radio was finally back together.  Alicia was exhausted.  Once she sat down, all she said that she had a crazy story to tell us.

I’m going to try and retell it the best I can:

Back at the Hive, the hoard didn’t get to her like we thought.  Once we got separated, she managed to weave her way through the crowd of zombies and book it down to the back of the Hive.  In the gate, she saw a small opening that she could squeeze through.  Half way out, a zombie grabbed onto her foot.  She tried to fight it off, but could only do so much.  That’s when someone from the other side took her hand and helped to pull her away unscathed.

She said she realized that it was our Program Director, Misch, who rescued her.  We were all shocked to hear that.  When all of this began, we assumed she somehow played a roll in it.  It just sounded like something she’d accidentally would do.  We assumed she was dead.  Evidently, she’s not, according to Alicia.  It was good to hear.

Alicia tried to get her to rejoin the group, but Misch said she was in trouble, that she couldn’t.  Not wanting to say goodbye just yet, Alicia decided to help her.  As they ran away from the Hive, Misch explained to her what she was doing.

When the zombies took over Savannah, Misch heard of what she’d later learn to be a cult.  At first, she thought it was a coven.  She said she really liked the idea of a coven of witches surviving the zombie apocalypse.  It took her a week to realize that it was a cult, but at that point, they wouldn’t let her leave.

So, she had to sneak out.  She took what she could and managed to leave in the middle of the night.  These people are crazy, she told Alicia.  She thought they were a group of kitchen witches looking to find some sense of balance in this crazy world, but instead, they’re trying to find ways to control the zombies.  She yelled: this isn’t voodoo, Alicia!  That’s when Alicia paused and shook her head.  Misch is weird like that, she said.

They made it to the street when Misch saw a red pick-up truck.  She said they had to hide.  That’s the cult looking for her.  She failed to mention that the reason why she wasn’t allowed to leave was because she knew too much.  They hid in the bushes as the truck drove pass them.

Misch said that she took everything, except for one thing.  She forgot her grandmother’s watch at the house.  She was on her way back to retrieve it when she saw Alicia trying to escape the Hive.

Alicia tried to convince her not to go back, but Misch refused.  So, Alicia decided she’d help her.  They spent the next days trying to come up with a plan.  The house was guarded and there’s always a handful of members at there.  But at night, it was pretty quiet.  The guards weren’t professionals, so they usually fell asleep at their post.

A week had passed and they finally felt they had a strong enough plan.  Well, truthfully, Alicia said they had a strong plan for a while but just kept pushing it off because they were nervous.  Either way, they were going to go through with it that night.

They snuck down the back alley and climbed a large tree before the guard came outside.  Misch is terrified of heights, so Alicia said it was interesting.  They sat in the tree until the guard fell asleep in his chair.  That’s when they moved.  There was easy access from the tree to the second floor balcony.  They carefully opened the door and made their way into the house.

Misch’s room was a mess.  After she left, the cult turned the room over, probably searching for some clue as to where she could’ve gone.  Fortunately, Misch had hidden her watch under a loose floorboard.  She’s paranoid, like that.

Leaving was a different story.  As soon as they stepped out of the room, they ran into a member of the cult.  Her name was Renee, and she had shared the bedroom with Misch.  The three stared at each other in shock.  Alicia said she thought they were done, that this was it.  Her first thought was: I’m supposed to die in the station, not here.

But Renee remained silent, and just stepped aside.  Alicia and Misch quietly left the house, and climbed down the tree.  Once they made it to the ground, the back light turned on.  Spinning around, they saw the cult leader standing in the doorway.  She yelled at them, called on the other members.  They chased them.  One of them got in their truck and cut them off at the end of the alley.

They turned the corner and hopped a fence.  That’s when they discovered they were in the middle of a yard filled with zombies.  They ran, hopped the fence again, directly in front of the truck.  The driver slammed on the breaks, nearly hitting them.  Alicia and Misch didn’t have time to stop.  They kept running as a hoard of zombies followed them, bringing down the fence with them.

They found their car parked on the corner.  Quickly piling into it, Misch and Alicia managed to get away from both, the cult and the hoard.  Eventually, both stopped chasing them.

Misch took Alicia back to the station.  That’s when they saw that a hoard overtook it.  Misch said she knew of a place called The Bunker.  She could take Alicia there.

When they were parked out front, Alicia tried to get her to come with her, but Misch refused.  She said the cult won’t stop chasing her.  It’s okay, though, she said.  She said she was going to try and start that coven.

So, Alicia got out of the car and Misch drove off.  She’s having fun, Alicia said.  We believe her.

I still can’t believe she’s back.



Greg said that he compiled a sizable stash of supplies.  We have been gathering our own too.  If we pooled them together, we’d have enough to go off on our own.   We’re going to be leaving soon.

We’re going to have a station again.