RuPaul’s Drag Race: An Episode in Ruview (Episode 5)

This week’s episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, the queens had to become the members of the royal social media family in Kardashian: The Musical. Along with this, the episode carried the tradition of big twists and bad attitudes. By the time Alexis Michelle assigned the rolls, trouble had already begun. Nina Bo’Nina Brown made it abundantly clear that she wanted to play Black Chyna (just like every other black contestant on the show) and after hearing she would be playing Chloe instead, she shriveled up in defeat and didn’t bounce back until….well, never. Even Eureka turned it out in the challenge and the runway with crutches and a knee brace from the cheerleading challenge two weeks back. I may have vouched for Nina Bo’Nina Brown last week, my excuses for her have run out.

As the girls were supporting each other and talking out their beefs during Untucked, Nina remained silent with her back to the rest of the girls, pouting in the dark. Poor Shea Couleé was assigned the role of Black Chyna, instantly painting her as the antagonizing “it” girl, when in reality she was simply following orders, and killing it in the process. Shea earned her spot as the winner of this episode’s challenge, despite Nina’s constant rooting against her.

While certain queens were riding on rivalries, others were making amends. Eureka made it a point to apologize to Sasha Velour and Valentina for making a joke about eating disorders – thank God – and successfully made it off of my hit list. Not only did the apology ease the tension in the workroom, but it invited a conversation that I was grateful to hear.  Valentina confides in the other queens about her current battle with an eating disorder and the promise she made to her mother to eat every day. The sobering confession brought the queens closer, and my love for her stronger.

Drama Level 

One sided and underwhelming. Nina Bo’Nina Brown vs. The World and Alexis Michelle with the classic blame game. How dare they not monitor your drag while simultaneously taking care of themselves. You’re a big girl, Alexis, you should be able to tell when a dress looks pedestrian.

Ru Paul’s Look of the Week 

10/10 the glitziest of the glam.

Favorite Look of the Challenge 

Alexis Michelle being an eerily accurate Kris Kardashian

Favorite Look on the Runway 

For the second week in a row, Sasha Velour and her tasty pastees. (I tried my hardest to like the other looks more, but I’m a sucker for Katya-esque decorations and a tasteful pair of pants.) Runner-up for the runway was Eureka with her best look of the season, even with crutches and ballet flats. I would provide a photo, but Ru Paul’s Drag Race won this round of “can our lighting ruin every shot of this runway look.”

Queen of the Week 

Out of honor and appreciation, I deem Eureka as Queen of the Week for the second time in a row. In one episode, she managed to change my mind about her behavior and look and act absolutely phenomenal despite her injuries.

Honorable mention goes to Aja for making significant progress with her makeup and her attitude as well. Look at all these cranky queens growing up, I’m so proud!

Lip Sync

The bottom two for this week were expected, but the deliberation most certainly was not. As Cynthia Lee Fontaine stripped herself bare and threw herself around the stage, Farrah Moan did a passive jig, not because she didn’t care, but I guess because she isn’t capable of doing more? It was clear she was going home, until a crew-member informed Ru Paul of the orders from Eureka’s doctor, forcing Ru to send Eureka home to heal. I may have been bitter about Eureka’s attitude the past few weeks, but gosh darn it, she had finally redeemed herself!

I give this episode 3.5 out of 5 Farrah Frowns


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