SCAD Radio content director Ian Dziura got the chance to interview Not.Your.Regular.Boy., a dutch artist who made waves after appearing on Holland’s version of The Voice in drag.

You posted online saying that you’ve been told you’re “too gay, too feminine, not talented enough, you’ll never make it”, but that you’re “living your dream”. Can you give us some insight into the journey you’ve been on to get to where you are now?

I was on The Voice of Holland four years ago and I decided to do one round in full drag because I wanted to make a statement. I’m not a drag queen, so I called all my friends who knew anything about drag to help me out for this one particular episode. After that, I got a lot of negative attention from people that they didn’t like it. Of course there were people that did like it, but I never experienced something so hateful after that, people were so mean… Years later, now I’m doing what I want and not what other people want. That’s why I started to make music under Not.Your.Regular.Boy. and not my government name.

Would say your home country of Holland is very accepting when it comes to the LGBT?

We say we are accepting, but we’re not accepting enough. We showcase everything going on with pride on television, but I think we still need more attention on the subject… I have a few friends that still don’t say that Amsterdam is the best place for the LGBTQ+ community.

Who are some of your influences in the drag community?

That has to be Lady Bunny because she’s really funny because she doesn’t give a f*ck. I love it. I really love Coco Peru because she’s not over-the-top drag, but it’s still quality. I met Jinkx from RuPaul’s Drag Race a few years ago in Amsterdam. She told me “I’m in Amsterdam so I need something green to smoke” so I told her “come over, I’m gonna fix something for you”. I like her a lot. She’s funny, a great singer.

You recently released a new single, “It’s All Yours”. Is there a story behind this song?

For me, it means that everything is theirs. When you fall in love, sometimes it gets really difficult between you and the other person… It’s a last call for them to know that I want them. That was the message for me behind the song. It’s not a real-life thing because I don’t feel that way, but when we had to record the song, I really felt it.

To listen to the single and more from Not.Your.Regular.Boy., click here.