Every two weeks, SCAD Radio staff and volunteers vote for the prestigious honor of Staffer of the Fortnight, a member of the organization worthy of such a title. This time, it’s our Event Director, Maya Looney.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Maya- As a child it was Jack Black. I don’t know who it is currently. That’s not a joke. That was my first celebrity crush.

If you could be anyone in SCAD radio for a day, who would you be and why?

I think I’d like to be (Promotions Director) Anthony cuz I’d like to know what true power feels like and I think he’s the closest to… you know. Just everything’s going right for him.

What’s your most embarrassing moment you’re willing to share?

One time, I was sitting, I was waiting for my first fibers class and there was an RA that was pretty well-known in the fibers department and we’ve talked briefly before, we didn’t really know each other. I see him as I’m waiting for my class with someone sitting down next to me. He, like, comes up to me and he goes “Oh, hey, hi, how are you doing? Your first fibers class! Are you excited?” I go like “Yeah, I’m pretty excited, I’m just nervous” and he goes “Oh, I was talking to the girl that’s sitting next to you” cuz the girl sitting to me was his resident and I was like “OH, OK.”

What’s the funniest song lyric you know?

“I wanna f**k the devil in his mouth”. That’s from “F*cc the Devil” by AJJ.

What vine best represents your life?

My favorite vine is by a guy named Ben Taylor, and it goes “Y’all sell freeze pops here?”

“Sir, this a library.”

“Oh, sorry, (lowers voice) y’all sell freeze pops here?”

(faint laughter)

Jonas Brothers or One Direction?

I guess One Direction? I was never a boy band fan.

Favorite Pokémon?

Oh, Espeon. Absolutely.