Every two weeks, SCAD Radio staff and volunteers vote for the prestigious honor of Staffer of the Fortnight, a member of the organization worthy of such a title. This time, it’s our Social Media Director (and Tik Tok superstar hunterbenjamin3), Hunter Benjamin.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Hunter- (Opens door to call for friend)

(Promotions Director) Anthony! Who’s my celebrity crush?

(Doesn’t wait even a second for a response)

Selena Gomez.

What’s your most embarrassing moment you’re willing to share?

One time, at a choir concert, in front of, like, hundreds of people, I was walking onto the risers and I fell off and went right through the shell that stands behind us and then my pants ripped, and then I had to perform and everybody laughed at me.

What’s the funniest song lyric you know?

My neck. My back (starts to giggle). Lick my p*ssy and my crack.

What vine best represents your life?

Probably the “Road work ahead, I sure hope it does!”

Favorite Pokémon?

(whispers) What’s the water one?

There’s like, 500 water ones. Squirtle?

Yes! Thank you! Squirtle!