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Meet the Staff

General Manager:

Kendall has always hated people. There wasn’t a moment that she didn’t hate people. She has moved around a lot in her life, mostly because she’s hated people. If you see her in the streets, don’t make conversation with her. She will glare at you and it will make you insecure. If you ever wonder what she is thinking about, it’s usually this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuJvZdKlJH8. That, and dogs. Omigod, she loves dogs.

Make her nightmares a reality by talking to her at gm@scadradio.org.

Office Hours:

Event Director: After emerging from a carboniferous bog roughly 200 million years ago, scientists still haven’t quite figured out what Maya’s purpose is yet. She is commonly found knitting, making spreadsheets, and professing her deep love for AJJ to anyone who will listen. If you’ve collected data on this creature, please alert your local animal control facility.

Office Hours:

Production Director:Although most believe Kristen was born in Maine, we think they were truly born and raised by coyotes in the Acadian Forests of Canada. They can survive on little food throughout the week and are known to sleep in their car to avoid social contact. The only pieces of current culture they understand are memes and the idea that gender is a social construct. Upon approaching, use caution- their primal reaction is to bite or flee. Food is the best cautionary offering to appease them, for they are a dangerous enigma.

Office Hours:

If you would like to get in contact with them now, email production@scadradio.org.

Music Director: El is a Savannah local, who spends her time listening to the music from Warped Tour ‘12 and being used as a pillow by her cat. Her dad, a 25-year radio veteran, once told her not to work in radio — oops.

Yes, El is short for something, but even we don’t know for what. She also takes music submissions and inquiries at music@scadradio.org.

Office Hours:

Promotions Director: Anthony Lieberman is loud, a little arrogant, and a lot Canadian. He is also Jewish, but don’t worry, he uses his jew powers for good, because with great power comes great responsibility. He is not used to these American cultures like bathroom or chick filet, He is learning… but not quickly.

Inquire about his favourite Canadian hobbies… he has a lot. You can email him at promotions@scadradio.org.

Office Hours:

Katarina Packis

Program Director: Katerina Packis was born and raised in the comeback city of Cleveland. She hosts a radio show called Garden Variety and her top 2 favorite musicians are The Beatles and Ben Folds. She is a crazy cat lady and husky connoisseur. If you see a dog, please alert its presence to her immediately.

For questions, email program@scadradio.org.

Office Hours:

Content Director: Ian Dziura


Lorde stan


Music Expert

Avid TV Fan

Oh wait, this isn’t Tinder.

To hit Ian up for dating, email him at content@scadradio.org.

Office Hours: