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The following is from a journal discovered in an abandoned home, 3 years after a zombie hoard took over Savannah.  The author remains unknown.


We’re good on food, for once.  We set up camp fire out by the pool and have been taking turns.  Production Assistant Leon is a good cook.  I know it’s all just from a can, and we don’t really have any seasoning, but I don’t know.  It’s just better when he cooks.

The DJs staying at the station decided to leave.  I couldn’t blame them.  They packed up and said goodbye.  I hope they’re doing well.  They were scrappy freshman.  They probably are.

It’s been quiet…

I hung the flag back up.



Every now and then we hear bird calls from the parking garage.  We want to respond, but none of us know how to call back.  We know morse code, though.  One night, we asked Bird Up if they were okay.  They said they were.  It’s good to know.

We lost power today.  I’m surprised it lasted us this long.  Web Guy Antony said that it’s the perfect opportunity to have the coffee creamer.  None of us wanted it.  But he enjoyed it.  I guess that’s what matters.

Ashton said that there’s no way we could get our broadcast working, now.  But maybe we could find some place that could.  I know we can’t stay at the station forever, but we don’t know what lies beyond it.



Leon went outside to check on the gate and came back with a dog.  He said saw him wandering by the pizza place across the street.  It’s a Pomeranian.  We think he’s purebred, but none of us are authorities on dogs.  He had no tags, so decided to name him after our number one fan on SoundCloud, Garret the Bot.  Leon said that sounded great.  I agree with him.

We gave Garret the Bot the toy minion we had laying around the station.  He loves the thing.  Carries it everywhere he goes.  It’s half his size, but he doesn’t care.

We started playing fetch with him, or as best as he could play fetch.  We’d stand outside by the pool and toss the minion.  He’d pick it up, bring it back to us, but lay down.  He doesn’t understand.  A lot of small dogs don’t.

But he really likes to chase birds.  He’s fast for his size.  We’ll be outside, checking on the gate and we’d see a small ball of fur zip pass us after a bird.  He yaps too.  We could do without that.  But things have been so grim around here, that we’re not complaining.  He’s a good dog for the most part.



We found a dorm that was left unlocked.  We took some books, ramen, pillows.  We didn’t take everything partly because it felt weird, but also because we don’t have much space in the station.  We’ll go back as needed.  We took the comforter though, and a blanket for Garret the Bot.  We bunched it up so he could have a place to sleep in the attic with us.



I haven’t been able to write all day.  A lot had happened.

We were outside trying to play fetch with Garett when he got loose.  He saw a bird and went after it when we weren’t looking.  Jacob found a small gap in the fence that he must’ve slipped through.  He focused on patching the hole while we talked about what we should do.

Ashton said that it wasn’t worth the risk to go after Garett.  He was right.  Even though we all loved the dog, it was too risky to go after him.  But Music Director Gabrielle and her assistant Olivia wanted to, as well as Leon and Video Editor Cole.  Antony was still asleep in the attic at the time.  We didn’t think to wake him up.

When Jacob returned, he said that he wanted to go after Garett too.  So it was decided then.  We took the last trolley across the street.  It would be easier than on foot.
With Ashton driving, we left the station in search of Garett the Bot.  We were about to head down Broughton when Jacob remembered he didn’t have his camera.  He wanted to turn back, said that this would be good for the movie.  We refused, so he sulked in the back for a fifteen minutes.  We stopped trying to talk to Jacob about the movie.  Every time, he’d just say, “You know.  It’s a movie.”

It was the first time any of us had been downtown since it all began.  Broughton was a mess.  There was broken glass, clothes and furniture spilling from the window.  A few zombies shuffled down the street.  We were able to take care of the ones that approached the trolley, but not many tried.

Down Bull was an old building with a tall, intimidating fence.  A large American flag hung from one of the windows.  The trolley slowed to an unwanted stop.  Before any of us could check what was wrong, Olivia saw Garett.  He was running down the street, after a bird.  Without hesitation, Leon nearly leaped out of the trolley in pursuit of Garett.  The two turned the corner and disappeared behind a building.

Within seconds, Leon was running back with Garett the Bot under his arm.  He was yelling at us to start the trolley.  A hoard of zombies appeared behind him, catching up.  The trolley wasn’t cooperating.  Ashton tried and tried as Leon got closer, but the thing wouldn’t start.

Leon leapt back into the trolley with a panting Garett.  Gabrielle shut the door behind him as the hoard closed in on us, banging on the side, prying at the door.  Leon set Garret down who ran towards Olivia, as he leaned up against the door to keep it from opening.  Jacob, Cole and I managed to shove some way from the windows, but they were getting too close.  There were too many.  Clawing at us, snapping at us.  The trolley finally started and Ashton pulled away from the hoard as fast as it could go… which wasn’t that fast, but it was enough.

We all fell back into our seats as we drove down Broughton.  The hoard began to chase us, but a loud bang in the distance distracted them.  They turned and headed in that direction while we got away.

Garett was unfazed.  He jumped off from Olivia’s lap and into an open seat, leaning out the window the way dogs do.

Half way down MLK, the trolley began to slow to a full stop.  We could see the station from where we were.   We could easily walk it, but we saw a hoard gathering across the street.  We had to be quick.

We hopped out of the trolley.  I held Garret under my arm as we made our way down the street, trying to move fast, but remain under the hoard’s radar.

I could hear them from across the street.  They sounded awful, snarling.  I turned and saw them move in our direction.  They were slow at first, but they picked up.  Soon we were running, booking it down the hill and towards the station.  Garret squirmed under my arm, uncomfortable.  But we were so close.  One of them tried to reach towards me.  I felt it grab my shirt, but Jacob grabbed my hand and pulled me faster, out of its grasp.

We made it to the station, securing the gate behind us just in time.  The hoard piled up outside of it, banging, sticking their arms through the bars and trying to grab at us.

We piled inside, out of breath, exhausted.  I sat Garett down and he ran straight for his minion.  I sat on the ground, laid on the cool tile.

We heard Antony yell where were we from upstairs.