Leave the AC on or off?

When everyone fights over the air conditioner in the office or room, nobody wins. Everyone is either boiling hot or freezing cold, so someone takes it upon themselves to change the situation, which in turn sparks an all out war. Farenheit or Celcius? Doesn’t matter, I’m miserable either way.

Stealing food

We get it, you’re hungry. And sometimes, I am also hungry. But it is the most annoying thing ever when I am hungry myself, and I go to get my own food, and find that it is magically gone. Who could have done this? Have I started sleep eating? I don’t think so, Derek. Come on Derek. Give it back. (I say this, but there is a game called “The Banana Game” where you gather as many bananas as you can before being told to put them back. I may or may not have played this once or twice or every week. It costs ten dollars for me to eat a salad. I’m bringing some bananas home with me. I earned these.)

Cramped spaces

Yes, YES Derek, I understand to optimize space in our little dorm, we set our desks next to each other. However, my dear Derek, that does not mean that you now have an extra long desk. This space over here is yours, and over there is mine. See? Yours here, mine there. Not to mention the countless projects strewn across the floor, making the dorm a warehouse of clutter and distractions. That sparkly tissue paper on the floor is more compelling than my art history flashcards will ever be.

Thin walls

If your neighbors decide that 10pm on finals week is the best time to have a dance party when you have an 8am exam the next day, the responsible thing is to get an R.A. or to knock and ask politely to quiet down. But it’s more fun to bang on your shared wall and proceed to blast music louder than theirs. I hope Sarah McLachlan helps to turn your party up to the next level (or, even better, she shuts your party down and leaves your friends crying on the floor. Why are the puppies so sad, Sarah? Somebody has to help them.)

Spray Paint

I’d say more, but I’m hallucinating from the fumes and I have a disciplinary meeting in ten minutes for doing my homework in the same place all my hallmates have worked for the past two weeks. Why did I get caught and they didn’t? Because God hates me, Derek.

No Access to Quality Nourishment

Our last Bear Squadicle talked about the food, or lack thereof, that we have access to on a daily basis. Now imagine trying to be a functioning human being while running off of ramen and Lentil Snaps. That’s what I thought.

Bear Squad

Bear Squad is a fun time to get ideas out and flowing and for everyone to work with each other, but only when people are actually working! Sometimes, a half an hour of work for the group turns into a 2 hours, a distracted gathering of life stories, random Googling, and a lot of pizza eating. We didn’t even finish this article in time because we got so distracted. Here at SCAD Radio we admit no fault, except for all the time.

But, hey, we’re trying our best, right?