Hey, it’s time for another album from your favorite sad 31 year old Canadian who still hides from girls like a freshman in high school. That’s right; Drake is back with a new album. Gentlemen, it’s entitled Scary Hours, and it’s time to get in touch with your feelings and wonder why that girl won’t call you back. Probably because you’re writing mediocre reviews on a college radio website.

Sharon; if you’re reading this…please answer my LinkedIn messages.

Scary Hours was a very interesting way for Drake to go and experiment in. The song, “God’s Plan” is like that signature Drake song. With a catchy melancholic R&B similar to “Fake Love” from the album More Life in terms of how it sticks in your mind and you want to replay it over and over again.

The production is also very interesting. He uses sounds and instruments seen in other genres that his music contrasts ordinarily. He uses an electronic snare sound commonly seen from producers of the G*59 record label, and the main melody of the song uses a future bass saw wave that is used a lot by future bass producers like Flume.

The song “Diplomatic Immunity” uses Drake’s familiar spoken word-like flow but the lyricism is rather different than the artist’s usual work. It’s almost kinda emo in the things that the song talks about. He discusses clothes from Hot Topic and listening to heavy metal. An intriguing direction for Drake to say the least, a direction I would honestly like to see explored more in his further endeavors.

Was this album done well? For a two song only album; it holds up very well. The songs are produced and put together with the highest of quality. Meanwhile, the message of he album was executed nicely with the lyricism of the songs and actual creation of melodic chords and instrumental aspects of the beats themselves were creative and extremely enjoyable to get hooked on.

I give this album 4.5 out of 5 tears.