It’s been over a month since Marvel’s most anticipated featured film of 2018, Black Panther, first premiered in theaters. If you haven’t fell off the face of the Earth for the past several months, then you know that this movie has been on everyone’s must watch list ever since the trailer reached the Internet in early 2017.

Audience members were captivated by the star-studded cast and the beautiful scenery that presented themselves in the trailer before the box office even had time to put a price on the tickets. All of these things were great, but the true star of the movie was when the soundtrack dropped on February 9th.

The soundtrack was curated by Kendrick Lamar with the help of others also signed to Top Dawg Entertainment. The soundtrack features other stars such as The Weeknd, SZA, Travis Scott, and Zacari.

Like any fan of the M.A.D.D City artist would say: “You know it’s lit when Kendrick producing the soundtrack!”

Although I love the Compton Prince himself, he’s not the only musician whose songs have us excited for the film. Recording-duo Run The Jewels’ song “Legend Has It” is basically BP‘s theme song. It can be heard throughout its trailer. The song is most recognizable from the famous line at the end of the trailer, “step into the spotlight”. The song has a great tempo, awesome beat, and one of the hottest rapping styles of the Run The Jewels duo, Killer Mike and EI-P, that’ll leave you speechless.

The video for “Legend Has It” plays with the theme of being guilty before proven innocent. If that doesn’t give you a feel on how awesome the song is I don’t know what will.