Many of SCAD’s students, alumni, and professors have teamed up to make the world’s first virtual reality musical movie.

“Say It With Music” is the story of Simone, a waitress who uses music to make her stressful restaurant job manageable. Along the way, she finds a connection with another waiter, Nathan, who also shares her passion of music. The story is inspired by Irving Berlin’s “Say It With Music”.

With virtual reality, the musical is able to be experienced in full 360 degree view. This allows for more than one story line to be developed at a time to view.

More than 17 programs of study were involved in the making of the movie, including film and television, animation, costume design, dramatic writing, production design, visual effects, themed entertainment design and motion media design.

The use of virtual reality was a middle ground of film and theatre, both on the screen and in reality. To make it work, the right kind of storyline had to be used. The technology team built their own camera rig so to be able to capture very angle of the shots.

“Say It With Music” was filmed in Savannah, taken in one shot at the SCAD restaurant, The Gryphon. The cast and crew involved more than 100 people.

Extensive postproduction was needed to make all the camera shots match up and create a perfect 360 degree image.

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