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SCAD Radio Commercial


SCAD “Say It With Music”, First VR Musical

Many of SCAD's students, alumni, and professors have teamed up to make the world's first virtual reality musical movie. "Say It With Music" is the...

Liz Rodgers to Emcee SCAD Talent Show

With the SCAD talent show fast approaching Saturday night, SCAD Radio sat down with with Liz Rodgers, who will be this year's emcee.   Liz is...

Joking Around With Dan Hentschel

Student Activities Council is hosting the SCAD Talent Show on April 21st, so we have the opportunity to sit down with Dan Hentschel, one...

Bee’s Knees is Back


An Aries Playlist

The sun and the moon have realigned, or whatever else astrology is supposed to mean, and we have entered into a new Aries phase...

Music Journalist Sylvie Simmons Comes to Savannah

Sylvie Simmons has made her name as a music journalist for interviewing artists such as AC/DC, Beck, and Lou Reed. She's most famously known...