Avril Lavigne died in 2003. The girl now living the life of Avril is really named Melissa.

Here’s how the story goes:

In 1998, Avril was discovered during a singing contest and quickly snatched up and away to create the next big star. She leaves behind all her friends to start a career as a singer, and in 2001, signs a million-dollar contract with L.A. Reid.

In 2002 she released her debut album, Let Go, and became the idol and spokesperson to angsty skateboarders everywhere. She was an icon with her stick-straight hair, dark eyes, baggy pants, and the infamous neckties.

However, life for Avril wasn’t easy after her debut. She had pressure to release another great album to follow up and was also dealing with the loss of her grandfather.

The story could go two ways here, depending on your source:

Some claim that Melissa, the double, came in to appear as Avril publicly as she dealt with work and family, but then after Avril’s death, stepped in full time.

The other story is that following Avril’s death, her record company searched for a look-alike to take her place and found Melissa.

Under My Skin was the first album released following Avril’s death. Fans claim that some of the songs were Avril originals, while others show Melissa’s influence coming in.

Around this time as well, fans begin to notice differences in “Avril’s” appearance. She begins lightening her hair to a true dyed blonde, rather than the dark blonde. She styles her hair in a more feminine, wavy look, not the overly-straightened style. Fans notice that she starts wearing dresses and skirts on the red carpet. Long gone are the skater days. Avril now looks like the cutesy-goth section of Hot Topic.

Even more so, fans online begin pointing out the physical differences in Avril. Moles on her arms are gone completely, as well as on her face. The biggest difference people say is her nose, which is a completely different nose.

There are also claims that Melissa is slightly shorter than Avril, but in my professional opinion, this one is pretty hard to sell without real measurements.

There is also this weird photoshoot in which she poses this “Melissa” written across her hand.

Pretty weird, but it is hard to find when this photoshoot happened originally, since this photo is on every conspiracy site now.

Avril or Melissa did shut down the conspiracy last year in a radio interview, saying it was “silly people think I’m dead.” Would the real Avril say “silly”?

When asked about this conspiracy now, she only points out how ridiculous it is because “I’m right here.”

So, is Avril alive or not? Who really is Melissa? And despite all of this, who at her record company thought “Hello Kitty” was a good idea???? Some question may never get answered.