The Final Cross Country Vans Warped Tour has come to an eventful close. Much like every other outdoor concert I’ve ever been to in Florida weather, it rained quite a bit at Warped Tour in Jacksonville, but luckily not until it was more than halfway through the day. With a total of 7 stages and a few musical artists that came as a surprise, it goes without question that the Final Warped Tour left us on a high note.

The bands that filled out the lineup were a consistent mix of newer bands that have been defining the Warped Tour style for the past few years, like Real Friends and State Champs; the bands that define many of our nostalgic emo middle school experiences, such as Mayday Parade and Falling in Reverse; and classic groups that defined the Warped Tour sound from the beginning, like Simple Plan and Less Than Jake. As usual, Warped Tour had a very diverse lineup with something for everyone to enjoy.

Here’s my Top 5 performances:

1. Mayday Parade

It goes without saying that I am biased, as Mayday Parade is one of my favorite bands of all time. But Mayday Parade brought the same enthusiasm this year as they have been for so many. Mayday Parade is one of the bands, along with Falling In Reverse, that performed at the very first Warped Tour that I went to when I was 13, so there couldn’t have been a better way to end a festival so close to my heart.

2. Simple Plan

One of the defining artists for the brand of emo punk music that continues to unite multiple generations of festival-goers, Simple Plan’s set was fantastic. Highlights include: Pierre bringing out a giant water gun to cool off the crowd and jumping off stage to get right up against the barricade and really sing to his fans.

3. Issues

Issues is one of those bands that never seems to stop touring, and I mean that as a good thing. The beginning of 2018 started out on a rough note for the Atlanta, GA based band due to their separation from long-time co-vocalist Michael Bohn, but their performance this past week highlighted their passion to keep making the music that they want to make. Did I mention that Skyler’s hair is still the best hair on Warped Tour? Because it is.

4. Real Friends

Although their set was cut short because of the rain, Real Friends is one of those bands that’s newer to the scene but still killing it. This band is so fun-loving on stage, in contrast to a lot of their music. It’s always a treasure to see them perform. I also want to mention that frontman Dan Lambton comes into close second for best hair on Warped Tour.

5. Movements

Movements was one of the very first sets to perform on Thursday and even though they were performing at one of the hottest times of the day and before the rain clouds started to block the sun, they still brought it. Of this list, Movements is one of the bands I haven’t seen live before, but definitely hope to see again.

I’m very sad to see the end coming to Warped Tour’s 24-year run. Since 1995, Warped Tour has been providing an inexpensive, safe environment for teenagers to see their favorite bands every summer, all over the country. Whether this was the first year you were able to go, or you’ve been with it since your parents let you and remember the brief Warped Tour Roadies show on TV, it’s without question that Warped Tour is going to be missed. I’m not alone in hoping that one day Warped Tour will resume their cross-country lineup for another year, but until that day comes, thanks for all the best memories and for creating an environment that launched careers and inspired new festivals.

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