SCAD Radio Content Director Ian Dziura sat down for an interview with Teeny Lieberson, a member of alternative band TEEN.

I understand you started the band, so when exactly did the decision to include both siblings come about?

Teeny- The band started while I was still in another band called Hero We Go Magic and at that point it was a bunch of different people playing in the band, Jen Turner from Here We Go Magic was playing, as well as an old friend Maia Ibar. Once we started discussing making a record, then I asked my sisters to come on board.

You did a few shows with Will Butler from Arcade Fire. Do you have any memorable moments from that stint?

My little sister, Lizzie, is now in a relationship with Miles, who is playing drums with Will Butler, so they met on that tour.

You just released a new album, Good Fruit. Is there a track on here that’s a collective favorite of the group?

I don’t think so, because Lizzie writes some of the material, and I write some of the material… I feel like when you make a record, your favorite switches all the time. Right now, my favorite is “Radar”, which Lizzie wrote; it’s a great song.

There are whirling synths all over your music. Are you fans of synth artists like Robyn or the band CHVRCHES?

Robyn, for sure, we’re huge fans of Robyn. And yeah, the band we just toured with, Methyl Ethyl, uses a lot of synthesizers, too. I know Lizzie feels the same way that we don’t really listen to a ton of only-guitar music. If it doesn’t have keyboards, it doesn’t really grab my attention personally. I think it’s kind of a requirement for music that I like these days.

I have a feeling I might know the answer to this one, but where did you get the band’s name from?

What’s your guess? (Laughs)

I’m assuming it was derived from your name?

Yes, that is correct.

Who writes your lyrics, and do you prefer a song’s sound to the lyrical meaning?

Well, Lizzie and I both write lyrics, and I think I tend to be music-minded first because I write more like a producer. I don’t really sit down with a guitar all the time and write songs, but I definitely like to think about what I’m saying. It’s not just throwaway stuff… I think Lizzie might be the opposite, she might be lyrically-minded first. I know she writes some words before she puts music to it. I don’t really like, write a poem or lyrics before I put music to it.