Every two weeks, SCAD Radio staff and volunteers vote for the prestigious honor of Staffer of the Fortnight, a member of the organization worthy of such a title. This time it’s our illustrious leader, General Manager Kendall Shepard.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Kendall- Right now, my crush is Greyson Chance, who’s a musician. He’s very gay, but that’s besides the point. I’m so in love with him, I’ve always a little bit been in love with him. I would say he is my celebrity crush, but more like I wanna be his friend.

Name the guilty pleasure song that you’re not afraid to admit you actually like.

I don’t know how people feel about this anymore ‘cuz I don’t even like her anymore, just overall my guilty pleasure is listening to old Taylor Swift. Like, Red album and 1989.

(interviewer winces)

I hate the face you just made about the Red album. The Red album bops.

What’s your most embarrassing moment you’re willing to share?

In 8th grade, I was the new kid, so that’s already super uncomfortable to begin with. I was probably only there 3-4 months when this happened… I was in line for lunch with this girl, and [she] comes up behind me and she’s like “Oh, just wanted to let you know you have like, some blood on your pants”, basically meaning that I had started my period… So then I go through the lunch line, and as I checked out at the lunch line, I was wearing these boots and I slipped and fell and dropped my lunch tray on the ground. Everyone in the whole cafeteria got dead silent and was staring at me. On top of all that watching, the lunch lady and the school nurse ran to me to help get me off the ground… The school nurse comes up behind me and she [whispers] “After you eat your lunch, come see me in the office, ‘cuz you have blood on your pants.”

What Vine best represents your life?

It’s not technically a Vine, but it’s the video of a little boy running, and his mom goes “What do you have?” and he goes “A KNIFE!” and then you hear her go “No!” It’s not technically a Vine, ‘cuz Vine was not out, but it’s the same format as Vine.

Jonas Brothers or One Direction?

This is super hard. I was definitely a JoGirl, but I have to say One Direction: I had a cardboard cutout of Zayn Malik for 3 years.