With the SCAD talent show fast approaching Saturday night, SCAD Radio sat down with with Liz Rodgers, who will be this year’s emcee.
Liz is a performing arts major, so being in front of a crowd is something that she is all familiar with. However, that didn’t calm her nerves the day of auditions.
“So many people were there,” she said.
For her audition, everyone had to perform a one minute monologue. If they wanted, could show some talent of their own. Because Liz is also a singer, she used her vocal skills to wow the judges and got the part.
This year, there is a wide variety of acts for the show. Many singers and musicians, along with comedians, dancers, a puppeteer, and many more.
“I’m excited to see all the original work,” said Liz. She has seen some of the acts already in small parts, and has been very impressed. However, the talent show will also be her first time to see everyone on stage.
The job of the emcee is to fill the spaces between acts. The emcee will engage with the audience, to have conversations and be funny. Liz has a few tricks up her sleeve to make her experience as an emcee an original one.
“There will be a lot of costume changes,” she said laughing.

The talent show is Saturday night, April 21st, 7 p.m. at the Trustees Theatre. It is being hosted by SCAD Student Actives Council. To find out more about the talent show and other events being held by SAC, you can head over to their Facebook page.

From all of us at SCAD Radio, we wish Liz and all the talent show contestants the best of luck!