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The following is from a journal discovered in an abandoned home, 3 years after a zombie hoard took over Savannah.  The author remains unknown.


Before Greg had to escape, he was in the process of securing the street.  He had managed to put up a fence and traps around his block.  A storm took out a tree, however, and it fell onto the fence.  That’s how a hoard managed to overtake Greg’s house.  There were too many of them for him to fight them himself, so he ran.  Regretted it ever since, he said.  But now that there’s so many of us, we can take them.

The plan requires us to lock ourselves in with the zombies.  So we broke up into teams.  One team will focus on repairing the fence.  The other will set the trap in an abandoned house.  The third team will focus on clearing Greg’s house.




The trap in the house is simple.  Once we retrieve a PA system from the station, we will hook it up to a small generator we found in the basement of The Bunker.  Gabrielle’s team will line the house with explosives, play music as loud as it can go, and get as far away from the house as possible.  It will attract most of the zombies to the house.  When the timing’s right, they will detonate.

Jacob, Antony and Leon have already left for the station.  They should be back soon.



The sun was rising when we set out for Greg’s.  He lived far from The Bunker, in a newer home outside of Downtown Savannah.  It was a strange car ride, seeing all of the abandoned homes, the squares where all of the tourists used to be, thinking that this might be the last time I’d see any of this.

Greg had secured a large block.  The fence and traps stretched much farther than I expected.  He pulled over in front of the fallen tree.  Past the fence I could see zombies wandering.  One of them caught sight of us and ran.  Greg took him out easily.

We left Garret the Bot in the car with Jacob, Alicia, Kyle and Kush as they got to work on removing parts of tree.

Removing the tree was the hard part.  I heard the chainsaw in the background as Greg, Ashton, Leon and I headed for Greg’s house.  Gabrielle, Olivia, Cole, and Antony went straight for their house.  It was set farther back from the rest of the neighborhood.

Nearly every window in Greg’s home was broken.  Stepping inside, Leon and I took the second floor and Greg and Ashton took the first.
Greg had framed movie posters on walls of the hallway.  The kind you’d get from the movie theater.  The glass was broken, and they hung askew.

We found four zombies upstairs.  We took out three just fine, but the fourth was fast.  I found myself pinned to the wall, pushing the thing away from me.  I managed to shove it to the ground, but it got back up and lunged.  Losing my balance, I fell backward, against the broken window.  The screen fell out to the ground.  I grabbed onto the frame, thinking that this was it.  I was going to fall.

Leon came just in time, killed the zombie on the spot.  He helped me back to my feet, and the two of us joined Greg and Ashton downstairs.

They cleared the space and had moved on to the backyard.  Leon and I headed towards the shed.  Before Leon could fully open the door, a zombie jumped forward, knocking him to the ground.  I killed it before it could do any damage.

Greg’s house was clear.  We did a quick check to make sure none got back in, and stepped outside.

The fence team had managed to clear the tree and moved on to patching it up.  Kyle had opened the gate and drove the van inside.  Garret the Bot kept his paws on the window, perched, barking at everything around him.

We headed towards the trap.  Inside, Gabrielle’s team managed to take out the zombies.  Outside, however, others were moving towards them.  Greg, Leon, Ashton, and I stood guard.

I don’t know how much time had passed.  Everything moved so fast.  Finally, the fence was finished and they joined us.

Then the music started playing, and we ran from the house as fast as we could.  Antony stopped to get Garret from the car and we all reconvened at Greg’s house.  We watched the zombies wander towards the trap.  It was working.  I couldn’t believe it.

But then the music stopped, and we stood in Greg’s house in disbelief before any of us did something.  Antony perked up as if he heard something.  He set Garret down and ran towards the vans, out of our line of sight.

In the distance, we heard a car.  Then the opening of a gate.  We stepped out from the house, and saw a trolley barrel down the street and turn towards the house as Antony shut the gate behind it.  The trolley started blasting music as it crashed through the wall and through the house.

Michael and Liam then ran from the house towards us.  Antony joined them.    More zombies piled into the house.  Finally, Greg said that was the last of them.  Just as Michael, Liam, and Antony got back, Gabrielle detonated the house.

And that was it.

Liam said that he and Michael got halfway through Maryland when they said screw it.  They said when they saw that the station was abandoned, they drove around Savannah hoping to find us.  When they found The Bunker, Frank told him that we left.  He wasn’t happy about it.

We are finally back together.  Greg’s setup was still in working condition.  This is the first time I felt safe.



Greg had prepared for a zombie apocalypse years ago.  He had a substantial stockpile already.  Many other homes in the neighborhood did as well.  We still break into teams every morning to gather supplies.  Kyle, Leon, Antony and Olivia are out right now.

There’s always someone on air.  Right now, it’s Kush.  I don’t know if anyone will read this.  But if you are, check us out.  Maybe we’re on our right now.

It’s comfortable here.  Or as comfortable as it can be.  Alicia hung a SCAD Radio sign over the fence.  It kind of feels like home.